Hitchhikers are often percieved as extraordinary free and easy individuals. How is that compatible with the idea of a club?

It is! Our club house is the street and our regular’s table is the adventure we share. Abgefahren e.V. does not collect a membership fee and does not make obligations. We understand our community within the association as a platform for mutual exchange and for the planning of projects from hitchhikers for hitchhikers. Beyond that we offer non-hitchhikers the possiblity to mingle with hitchhikers.

Many drivers tell that they hitchhiked themselves in the past for different reasons. The next reaction is often „That this is still existing“. Other drivers are isecure and fear hitchhikers as much as unexperienced hitchhikers fear them. This is due to hitchhiking connects different people from mixed company. Thus, it promotes the international and cultural exchange. For hitchhiking you need joy over human encounter, curiosity, the wish to broaden your experience and helpfulness. – Hitchhikers want to experience.


Our purpose is the promotion of the European hitchhiking culture. We demonstrate hitchhiking as contemporary, environment friendly alternative across from established means of transport.

With our projects we actively spread the word: We offer support to first-time hitchhikers and put drivers at ease. For officials and media representiatives we are a contact around the topic „hitchhiking“ in the German-speaking area.

The statutable purpose of the association is the promotion of autostop culture and collaboration of hitchhikers in Germany, international networking of active hitchhikers by co-operation with foreign hitchhikers and nonprofit hitchhiking associations, organization of meetings, expeditions and competitions and public relations.
The statutory purpose is especially realized by a website with information and resources for hitchhikers, the contact to and exchange with other hitchhiking associations as well as by active hitchhiking.


Abgefahren e.V. – Deutsche Autostop Gesellschaft is listed in the Association’s Register Berlin-Charlottenburg under file reference VR26077Bt since December 2006. Since January 2007 the association is officially recognized nonprofit and charitable. The first meeting of members took place in September 2007. At the moment the association has more than 280 members, especially in the German-speaking area.

The association arose in the mid of 2005. Some members of the German-speaking part of the Hitchhiker Mailinglist had the whish to focus their forces and create a joint platform and interest group. Paradigm for that whish were amongst others the Vilnius Hitchhiking Club in Lithuania and the Academy of Free Travel in Moscow. The open and natural hitchhiking culture of Russia and Eastern Europe was inspiring: we wanted to establish such a hitchhiking culture in Germany, too.

The name

Abgefahren e.V. – Deutsche Autostop Gesellschaft

The German word abgefahren is a verb and an adjective at the same time. It translates to something like left, departed, started or pulled out (train or bus) on the one hand and bald, worn out, cool, feaky on the other hand.

e.V. is an abbrevation for eingetragener Verein and can be translated as registered association. Under German law such associations are registered officially and can only be those which do not follow commercial purposes. They are legal entities and thus have fully legal capacity.

Deutsche Autostop Gesellschaft translates to German Hitchhiking Society.