Picking up Hitchhikers

Picking up a hitchhiker can be a great experience. Especially drivers going alone for long distances appreciate the possibility of a chat to fight boredom. Remember that hitchhikers often have to tell great stories from their travels. And last, but not least, you do someone a great favour without much effort.

Pick up anyway Pick up anyway
Even if your destination and the one on the hitchhiker’s sign are not the same: Please stop anyway. It is also helpful for a hitchhiker to go little closer to his destination.
Give sign Give sign
If you cannot or if you do not want to pick up a hitchhiker: Give a friendly sign and do not ignore the hitchhiker. A common sign is to point to the steering wheel with the index finger. That means you only go a short distance or turn to anther street. A smile, wave or a thump-up encourage the hitchhiker. If you are familiar with the area, you can also take the hitchhiker to a better spot. But, please, only if the other spot is really better for hitchhiking, for exmample because there is less local and more supraregional traffic.
Flash light Flash light
If you want to pick up a hitchhiker, give a sign as early as possible, for example with the flash light. The hitchhiker can then prepare himself and his luggage and getting into your car will not take that long.
Stepping off Stepping off
Negotiate with the hitchhiker where the ride will end exactly. Often drivers mean well and go as far as possible. For hitchhikers it is much easier to get the next ride at a well frequentend spot than at an abandonned place. On motorways, for example, petrol or rest stations are much better drop-off spots than parking lots or exits.
Luggage and trunk ([brit. boot] Luggage and trunk [brit. boot]
Do not wonder if many hitchhikers take their backpck to the back seat instead of putting it into the trunk [boot]. Thus, they have access to their belongings like a road map and so on. Most hitchhikers also find it more secure because from time to time the driver already started while the backpack was still in the back of the car. If the luggarge is in the trubk [boot], please wait until everything was taken out.
Safety Safety
Think of the other road users. Switch on your emergency flasher if you stop at the side of the road and take a look into the mirror prior to driving back to the road. It may sound superfluous, but sadly experience shows the opposite.


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