Now these days, nobody has to live on the streets. The roads are crowded, the spots for hitchhiking are empty. Once you got the clue, hitchhiking is very easy. Read the basics for some information.
Maybe you won’t believe it right away but from time to time you’ll be faster than riding a train or bus. If you just take fast cars, you’ll be home in a jiffy.
Hitchhiking is generally free beside to the expenses of a pen and some cardboard.
Environment friendlyEnvironment friendly
While sharing a car for the same route you will use the same amount of ressources. There is no better principle for effective protection of the environment and the climate.
Hitchhiking can be exhausting but for sure never boring. Hitchhiking is filled with surprises. You will move beside to scedules, tickets and habits through the world. It is always a meeting with the coincidence and a good option to observe the society from another perspective: from a person who is watching, asking and sharing the ride. You will discover something new everytime – no matter if people, a conversation or ideas. If you want hitchhiking can turn around your whole world.
Hitchhiking is as safe as driving a car can be, if you follow some basics. In gerenal you should trust your doubts and feelings and keep ears and eyes open.