Take freind with you. Take a friend with you.
It is more safe, more relayed and more fun.
Choose a beautiful destination. Choose a beautiful destination
Your destination will determine your starting point. To find this one look for help in databases like Hitchwiki and Hitchbase.
Take lightweight luggage. Take lightweight luggage
Your map should go with you, some cardboard and a pen for the signs, water (is your friend) and some food – otherwise as less as possible. In the end you should go with a small backpack that easily fits between your knees.
Get over your fear. Get over your fear
… and go. Stir is normal. People will tell you scary things but mostly they don’t have experiences with hitchhiking. Murderers with axes are walking by infrequently. The highest risk is a car accident.
Use motor service areas. Use motor service areas
Hitchhiking in Germany is like going by S-Bahn. From the gas stations beside to the motorway you get a ride fairly easy. These are the network hubs. Have a look on the conclusion of german gas stations.
Choose your driver. Choose your driver
… and don’t let them choose you. If there is a bad feeling, if the driver is aggressive or in a hurry, drunk or stoned – just let him go. There are plenty of others. If you and your partner are both female try to drive with other women and couples.
Talk to them. Talk to them
Even if it costs quiet an effort, you should talk to the drivers while they are getting some petrol – they have a spare moment. Talking is important for both sides, your drivers will loose his fear and you can rate them. Anyways, this method is very fast. Smile and be friendly, even if they don’t take you (because there will be others after you). Ask if he or she is going in your direction, even the next gas station would be enough. It will lower the inhibition and often drivers will take you.
Take care. Take care about you
Send a message with the licence plate number to a friend and let the driver know about that. Violation will just happen, if the driver feels safe. Nobody will harm you if there is a trace behind you. Explain that kindly and everybody will understand. If not – get out of the car. Still doubts? Read tips about safety.
Keep the destination in mind. Keep the destination in mind
Think while getting in about getting out. On the wrong gas station, you can loose a lot of time. Often, you better not drive as far as possible but get out at a crowded gas station. Always take the luggage with you and not in the trunk. Sometimes, you have to get out fast.
Try it out.

Try it out. We’ll see on the road!