„Hitch Hiking with the Master“

Live on the road hat Abgefahren e.V. Mitglied Robert Prins begleitet und einen wirklich sehenswerten Beitrag gedreht!

Hitch Hiking with the Master from Live on the road on Vimeo.

What is better than to start your Euro trip with the master of hitch hiking himself. For Robert it is more than just a way of travelling, it is a sport. He has hitched more than 330.000 kilometers over the last 32 years.
Usually he doesn’t have a fixed destination. From time to time he just says his wife goodbye, puts up his thumb and lets the road decide.

The 52- year old Dutch man lives on the seaside in Belgium. If it wasn’t for hitch hiking, he wouldn’t have met his Lithuanian wife Audronė and his Guinness World Record wouldn’t hang on his wall.

Most often you can find him hopping from one gas station to another in Germany. But if you get lucky, you might as well end up with him in the middle of the Pyrenees.

We got the chance to follow this professional teacher for a couple of days. As Robert described: „We went like a hot knife through butter“. A North Sea breeze woke us up and by lunch we had already passed the Eiffel Tower. The next morning we headed for the Mediterranean Sea and unexpectedly we crossed the snowy mountains of Andorra. Overnight we got back to the center of France, where our ways parted.

If you think that hitch hiking is child’s play, watch how Robert does it.

Music: Nobu – Mankind lasts long shadows
Website Robert: http://hitchwiki.org/en/User:Prino

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