Whoever is hitchhiking has to take the risk of an accident or becoming a victim of a crime. Because of that, always remember: Your driver is the critical point.

Basics of behaviour

  • Choose a good and safe place for hitchhiking (a lot of space for safe stopping or a gas station)
  • Do not jump in every car, have a look before (alcohol…)
  • Listen to your gut feeling and have common sense in mind
  • Say no
  • Get out of the car

Know the risks to lower them

  • Keep cash and valuables carried directly on you
  • Your luggage should be in the front, as close to you as possible
  • Note the magic deboarding order: open front – open back – close back – close front.
Sexual abuse
  • While hitchhiking the rape forcing stereotype of sexual availability becomes a manifest
  • Be selfconfident
  • Wear long cloths
  • Do not hitchhike alone
  • Do not go for short distances
  • Do not go at night
  • Do not go with one or more men
  • Send a licence plate message
  • Pepper spray (?)
What to do in case of acute danger?
  • Create a personal relation to the driver: talk talk talk
  • Keep a cool head: clear verbale denial
  • Withstand and resist
  • Use a convenient opportunity to force the driver to stop (simulate nausea, use the hand brake, keep the door open with your feet, burn some paper …)
  • Fight, kick, scream, bite, beat …


Never pull out the keys. That will activate the wheel lock and cause an accident immediately.