The First Time

Just go for it!

If you previously never tried hitchhiking, you have to overcome the „fear of the First Time“. Each hitchhiker has to go through it. The first time, when you are standing on the roadside and stretch the thumb out, you realize how the heart beats faster suddenly.

This is easier said than done. However, you can easily prepare well. You buy a map of the area of question, and ask for good advice from other hitchhikers. Be you sure you know what is meant by a good spot and try to figure out before where on your route are those sites. You do that best by taking a map, or even a satellite image to help. Look at your outfit and try to act like a hitchhiker.

The first time as a hitchhiker on the road is not done by going on a little trip from home towards the next city – but it should help with the start to choose such short trips, helping you cope with the situation and acclimatizing to the nonverbal language between drivers and hitchhikers. Don’t try to get from Austria to Spain first. More likely you should choose something as Stuttgart to Munich. Just pick the best road and go for a while on it, try to find a most appropriate location from which you get started with your lift. You will know very quickly whether the drivers ignore you or really do not see you.

If the spot is inappropriate, go for a few meters, maybe it’s better there then. At your spot you should be seen very good. Always be sure about your security, hitchhiking is safer during the day – especially if you are inexperienced and insecure. Remember that a car can not stop from one moment to the other. Make sure that a car willing to take you, has enough space to stop around safely. Please note: the faster the traffic, the more space for stopping must be provided. Otherwise you’ll have to wait very long.

Sometimes it happens that you spend hours just waiting and no driver takes you. This can have several reasons: bad place? Is there much traffic? Maybe everyone thinks that the next one can stop, too? No one can stop safely? Are all vehicles packed with families? Do you look like Satan? The list of possible reasons is endless, but to reassure you, there is an universal rule:

Somewhere there is Someone who will take me. The only question is when that will be the case. But as Einstein long time ago used to say: Everything is relative. And that includes the time.