One of the main goals of Abgefahren e.V. is offer information and contacts to the press and the public. On this page we provide some basic information. Our press spokesperson and the board of Directors are happy to answer your questions.

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Many stock images available on the internet display on reproduce common stereotypes about hitchhiking. In the past good articles about hitchhiking have often been combined with poor stock images which spoiled the article.

On you find freely available images we endorse with a Creative Commons license.


Frequent questions

We are often asked the same questions and give the same answers. To give interested journalists an overview about hitchhiking, please have a look at our FAQ.


Since the fifties scientific research has been conducted and published on the topic of hitchhiking. While the „phenomenon“ hitchhiking was  in the beginning solely covered socio-scientifically, many approaches are interdisciplinary today.

On a collection of scientific work is maintained by members of Abgefahren e.V. and other hitchhikers.

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