2016 – Hamburg

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Get together and sleeping in Hamburg

As always, we meet in the evening before the race starts (Friday May 13) for a cosy Get together. Participation is optional, but it is a good opportunity to ask final questions and get to know the other participants. You can also find a team partner there if you registered as single person (we hitchhike in teams of two).

Get together starts 6 pm on May 13 in Hamburg’s Wohlerspark. Please organize your place to sleep in Hamburg yourself.



Start location and time

Whitsun Race starts Saturday morning, May 14, 9 am on time. Location for the start is St. Pauli Elbtunnel in Hamburg.

Prior to the start the last organisational questions can be answered and you can find your team partner. Short before the starting shot, the destination is announced. After that we race-hitchhike there in teams of two.


  • Application fee per team: 5 Euro (will be collected prior to the start) Why is there an application fee?
  • Please pay yourself for the camping ground at the destination as well as for food and drinks.


Registration is closed. The race in Hamburg is over.


Registered participants (as of May 10, 2016):
Kristian F., Augsburg
Korinna S., Darmstadt
Katja S., Nürnberg
Georg d. R., Kassel
Elisa S., Dresden
Tom N., Dresden
Anne H., Leipzig
Daniel L., Trier
Karoline K. K., Hamburg
Eva R., Köln
Alexandra S., Köln
Moritz K., Berlin
Flo S., Leipzig
Julian K., Karlsruhe
Özge Ö., Rosche
Rishabh A., Darmstadt
Tom P., Saarbrücken
Sarah Z., Hasborn
Katharina H., Hamburg
Damà C., Waiblingen
Stefan T., Berlin
Monika J., Bonn
Michael H., Bonn
Daniel J., Senftenberg
Turtle K., Holtland
Nicole H., Dresden
Maike M., Hamburg
Felix S., Hamburg
Olga Trilla R., Barcelona
Irene C., Barcelona
Jens H., Gladbeck
Johanna K., Berlin
Guido D., Dresden
Elisa R., Dresden
Dana J., Bonn
Ben N., Würzburg
Mali B., Hypezig
Lukas H., Potsdam
Marie W., Zittau
Erico R., Kandern
Kalle S.-R., Rötgen
Eddie A., Leipzig
Matthias M., Hamburg
Fritz G., Waiblingen
Chia-Jung L., Stuttgart
Lucie M., Olomouc

Whitsun Race 2016 is supported by:


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