Frequent Questions


When and where is the next race?

So far, the hitchhiking race took part every year during the Whitsun weekend. We met Friday afternoon/evening in a German city and went race hitchhiking towards the destination on Saturday morning. Sunday, the award ceremony took place and Monday almost everybody went home again. If you want to plan in the long run, keep the Whitsun weekend free. We just cannot make totally sure, that the date won’t change in a short-term.

Update: The next hitchhiking race will take place during Whitsun 2016. → 2016 – Hamburg


How does it work? Where is the destination?

We will hitchhike in teams of two to a destination which will be a secret until the start. The winner is the fastest team. You don’t have to arrive at the start with a team partner, many teams are built up during the get together on Friday.

Often, the destination is a pretty little camping spot, approximately 400 – 600 km away from the origin. Have a look at the map to get an idea of what we are talking about.



How long does the race take? Is the return journey organised?

On Friday evening before the race, we meet for a chilly get together in the city where the race starts. Last questions can be answered during this meeting and it is also a good opportunity to find a team partner (we hitchhike in temas of two). Participation in the get together is optional.

On Saturday morning, the destination is announced and then we race hitchhike there. Mostly all participants arrive until evening because the route is easy to manage within one day, also for first-timers.

On Sunday, the winner ceremony takes place at the destination and then the race is finished. The return journey is not organized because many participants plan to hitchhike further or will stay longer at the destination. Surely, you will meet other participants during the race whith whom you could hitchhike back.


What do I have to bring? Is there a fee?

Bring a sunny mind, ID or Passport, sleeping bag and a tent and everything you think to need in addition. Further ideas for a packing list: map of the start area/roadmap, swim suit, Frisbee, music instruments, cardboard and pens, photo camera, something to eat/drink, safety needles to fix the starting bib, stories of your last roadtrip, …

For the camping ground at the destination you need to pay for yourself. Take also your own drinks and food.

Besides, there is an application fee of 5 Euro per team (2,50 Euro per person).


Why is there an application fee?

The application fee of 5 Euro (per team, 2,50 Euro per person) is used to cover the expenses for starting bibs, printing and prize for the winning teams. Until now we had to bear these expenses privately. If there is some money left, we will add this to the club fund or buy anything at the destination that is useful for all race participants.


I never tried hitchhiking before. Might I take part?

Sure! About one third of participants at the past races were beginners. The route is fairly easy and it’s a good chance to try hitchhiking together with another person (in the best case an experienced hitchhiker) for the first time. It makes sense to read a bit about hitchhiking, for example on this website.


Still questions?

If you still have questions about the race, write us an email to race⊗ Prior to writing an e-mail, please keep in mind that as soon as there are more details about the next event they will be published on this website. Please also consider that we will not tell the destination in advance. It stays secret until the day the race starts.

There are groups on Facebook and Google with former participants. They help you answer with some general questions as well.